The Unwanted Woman at the Party

This week I’m up on vacation at Lake George. We’ve gone hiking and swimming, played board games, eaten ice cream, spent time reading, and I have been doing lots of work for theater.

Even though I’ve had to spend a lot of time on work, I’ve been able to enjoy the beauty of this place. In between all the activities there has been time for me to pray about a frequently reoccurring question – what does it look like for me to worship Jesus alone? To put aside my idols of food, success, comfort, beauty, and being worshiped by everyone I know, so that I can sit at the feet of Jesus and bask in His glory?

No answers are forthcoming, but on my twitter feed today I saw this blog post and found it to be an encouraging reminder of how worthy Jesus is our of extravagant worship, because He forgives extravagantly at an extravagant cost.

The Unwanted Woman at the Party.


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