The Beginnings


Time for another Art Wednesday! These two pictures are from my second semester as an Art Major. The one of the left is my first painting from Painting 1. Our amazing professor, Bruce Wall, had an exciting still life set up, ready to be caputred in our view finders and painted onto our canvases.

I remember agonizing a long time over the particular section I wanted to paint. The “S” clearly had to be in the composition since it stood for my name, but I also wanted to paint the fedora that sat ontop of the styrofoam’s head that rests at the top of the picture. The “S” won out with the consulation that I would always know a fedora was present, even if it wasn’t pictured.

The Bicycle drawing is from my Drawing 2 class with Isadore LaDuca, another amazing professor. With it’s sharp constracts in shade and shape, it’s one of my favorite drawings that I have from his class.

I did a lot of drawings and paintings during my first year as an art student. Most of them I threw away, especially from my early classes, but these I kept. The painting is hanging in a temporary resting space in one of my stairwells, and the bicycle lives in my portfolio.

Neither of them are great feats of art, but, like the Eagle drawing, they are important markers in my artistic journey. They filled me with such pride and joy at completing them (even though Mr. Wall helped a great deal on my painting), and they still serve to remind me of the love that I have for art and that it is important that I keep the creating of art as a part of my life.

Thanks for letting me share my work with you. Next week is a Dragon!


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