3DNC Plans

In three weeks I will be joining three of my friends to participate in our yearly 3Day Novel Contest weekend. Various time constraints and the fact that none of us are officially joining the contests have us starting our weekend writing madness earlier than the standard 12:00 am Saturday morning.

This year I’ve got a wedding to break up my weekend, so unfortunately I’ll have less then 72 hours to write, but I am still very excited about it. What exactly I’ll be working on is still up in the air. There are two possibilities.

Possibility #1 is Love’s Labours Happily Ever After, a play that meshes Fairytale characters with Shakespearen plot lines from (not surprisingly) Love’s Labours LostMidsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, and As you Like it. This would be the more practical choice. I am hoping to have my theater group perform it Fall 2016 and playwrighting is one of the ways I plan to contribute to the theatrical community, so it really is the most sensible option.

But…for a long time I’ve dreamt of writing a Robin Hood novel, specifically to get Marian right. I typically don’t like the ways she is portrayed: she is either the weak woman or the woman who is somehow a trained warrior. It’s a story line I’ve been toying with for the last five years, one that got pushed aside when it came time to write Chrysalis, and it is calling to me, demanding to be written.

So I’m torn. I’ve outlined Love’s Labours Happily Ever After and am going through a workbook by K.M. Weiland to help prep a possible Robin Hood novel. What I suspect might end up happening is a little of both.

Last year I wrote Rifton Diner and had extra time to work on editing my novel, so I’m hoping that I can whip out a draft of the play and still have time to work on writing my vision of Marian. Of course, what would be really nice is if somehow I could miraculously finish my first draft of the play before we even get to Labor Day Weekend… then I could focus on Marian completely…

Unlikely, but, we’ll see..



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