Chicago Airport


Since I got stranded in Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday, I wasn’t able to get on my computer at home to upload my next piece. Fortunately, my path to home ran through the beautiful Chicago Airport, giving me plenty of other pieces of art to showcase, something I planned to do eventually anyway.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who did this. It’s one of the beautiful window art that graces this airport. I’m doing this on my phone, and I can’t figure out how to orient the picture, but hopefully you can still see it well enough!

What I love about this piece is the strong use of different shades and tones of the primary colors. Blues, yellows, and a reddish orange intertwine throughout the piece in striking interdependence. Each color shines on its own and shines on the other two.

I also love the composition, a dance between horizontal lines, shapes, and negative space keep the eye moving over the piece with energy. And the contrast between the warm and cool sections of the piece give an extra punch of interest.

This is a picture that I would “Mary Poppins” if I could and jump into the driver’s seat of one of those cars and explore Chicago.

This is my second time in Chicago’s airport and I am extremely grateful for all the beautiful art they display to celebrate their city. Next time you have a layover walk around and explore, there is lots of art everywhere.

And if anyone knows who did this piece, please put it in the comments!


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