There be Dragons!

IMG_0924If you know me on a basic level, you know how much I love dragons. (For all my POTS students out there, remember…Dragons are better than dinosaurs.) My attachment to dragons began at a young age. I’m trying to remember what sparked my love of dragons.  Nothing from literature or movies comes to mind. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love dragons. It may be a similar reason to why I love Klingons: the honor, the power, the glory, the fierceness, the ability to fight. Something about that connects with my soul, in all that that word implies.

(Maybe I should write a post about what lessons Christians can learn from Klingons and Dragons?)

Regardless of what started my love of dragons, nothing has dampened it over the years. This piece is from my second semester as an fine art major as apart of an assignment for 2-D Design with Bruce Wall. We had to create a piece that explored shapes in black and white that included a collage. I threw away the base of the project, but kept the dragon, because, well, obviously.

Right now, this piece lives inside one of my portfolios, but I’m thinking of framing it and hanging it up. Long hours went into the creation of this work and they paid off. It’s hard to see in the photograph, but there is a lot of detailing on the dragon, layers and layers of paper painstakingly cut and pasted on top of each other. It’s certainly not the best collage ever done in history. Looking back I can see things that I wish I had done differently: building up the layers so it would be more 3-D, for instance. But it’s one of those pieces of art that I poured my heart into, and I’m still proud of it. Besides, it’s a dragon and should be displayed based on that fact alone.


4 thoughts on “There be Dragons!

  1. I *LOVE* this piece, Sharon. That’s partly because I, too, am obsessed with dragons, and partly because it’s just a gorgeous work of art. If POTS and/or Ekphrasis ever gets its own home, you should hang it there for all the world to enjoy.


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