HYBRID (The Domino Project #2) – By K.T. Hanna

So far I’ve done a pretty terrible job of being off of social media this month. My Facebook fast has been broken multiple times, and I’ve been tweeting my Nanowrimo progress, but so far I had kept away from the blog. But I’m posting this for a very good reason.

K.T. Hanna is a very giving author who was a mentor in the recent Pitch Wars and she recently had a book published. Below is information about her new release, plus info for buying the first book CHAMELEON. I have a copy of CHAMELEON on my way to read which I am very excited about. Check it out, and if you are a writer, stop by on Twitter to thank K.T. Hanna for being a mentor.


(The Domino Project #2)

went out into the world this week.

We’re celebrating with an excerpt reading, and a giveaway!

If you
haven’t read CHAMELEON get it from Amazon


K.T. Hanna reads an excerpt


As Sai recovers from her
life-threatening injuries, she struggles to piece together her damaged relationship
with Dom. He fights the parasite within, suddenly freed from the interference of the
other Dominos in his head.

Inside Central, Bastian’s
Shine dosing has become a dangerous dance. Enhanced security protocols and
endless meetings have him on a tightrope, with little room to move without
revealing himself.

When the GNW release
the Damascus to begin their systemic hunt of the Exiled, the noose closes around the
rebels and their allies. If they can’t disable the threat, the Exiled won’t be the
Damascus’ only agenda.


Praise for

Chameleon – The Domino Project #1

“Wow! A fast-

paced, science fiction delight with fabulous action, a seamless world, and the most

unique characters I’ve read in a long time.”

Elana Johnson, Author of the




post-apocolyptic novel with a heroine that would give Katniss a run for her money.”

Alina @ Unfazeable.com

Psionics is

wicked cool and I wish a meteor would give me some super-secret powers. The

logistics of the abilities are many, and normally would have been a nightmare to

follow. Hanna handles it with enough subtle description laced through the opening

chapters that you’re able to grasp their powers naturally.

Heather @ Aussie Owned and Read

A seriously

great sci-fi. Dark, edgy and complex. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a gripping

read because of the author’s tense voice; the characters are well defined, believable

and likeable, despite all of their flaws; the story flows well; and the ending leaves

you on edge to read more. If you like sci-fi, you will love this


Kate Foster

– Author of Winell Road

HYBRID is available at the following



Watermark Books – Signed Copies!

Celebrate HYBRID’s release with us!

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