Sørina’s 1st NaNo narrative

Ekphrasis: Allentown's Fellowship of Christians in the Arts

PrintHere we are, half way through December, and I haven’t blogged about my NaNoWriMo experience yet. Here goes.

This was my first attempt at NaNoing. I was working on Ready-Made Grave, the same novel I began over the 3-Day Novel Contest weekend (Labor Day). My goal was to begin November with 45,000 words and end with 90,000.

I started with 41,829 and ended with 76,685.

CoverAh, well. That’s not total failure. Here’s what happened. I was trotting along, writing the 1,667 words or more every day with ease. I was on track for complete success. However, there was a nagging thought in the back of my head that had been there since I first began work on Ready-Made Grave. See, it’s a murder mystery, but the death doesn’t happen until at least halfway through. Up until that point (as this synopsis makes clear), it’s 13 artistic-type people wandering around…

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