Book Cover Contest

Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc., is having a contest for a free book cover. She designed the cover for her book, and it is really fun. I haven’t given up hope that Chrysalis will be picked up by an agent/editor/publisher for traditional publishing, but I am considering self-publishing avenues as well. A free book cover would be a big help in that endeavor.

All I have to do to enter is give the pitch for my book. Here it is. Feedback on ways to improve is, of course, welcome.


A New Adult Science Fiction novel.

Joyel is a weapon, a genetically engineered ten year old. When the ruthless faction leader Anson kidnaps Joyel she must fight to save her soul. Anson spends ten years brainwashing her, demanding that she view him as father, embrace a new identity as Joy, and to kill for him. But Joy is determined to be subject to no man.

Cutting is how Joy copes with the years of abuse, etching her hatred of Anson into her skin until the time to mete out revenge has come. Despite her rage, now twenty-year-old Joy struggles to strike out against the man she calls father. Discovering Anson’s plans to restart the genetic program she was spawned from in order to raise an army forces Joy to act. To no longer be a pawn, she must kill Anson and destroy the monster she has become. If she doesn’t, she will never be free.

CHRYSALIS asks which is more important: to know who you are, or to whom you belong?

Make sure you check out Ana Spoke’s website and book.

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