Writing My Life Full

I haven’t forgotten that I am neglecting working through the questions about eating. But life has been busy, full, and exciting, and I don’t have time to sit down and write a thoughtful blog post (that’s my excuse anyway), so it’s time for a writing update.

After praying through goals and priorities in life, I decided that playwriting needs to be my focus. I start writing a novel because I wanted to learn how to write, and I have learned so much, but the allure of becoming a world famous, bestselling author distracted me from why I set out to learn how to write in the first place: plays.

This doesn’t mean I am stopping to write novels, by no means, but it is taking a back seat. My goal for the year is to write two hours of fiction work a week. That way I can still work on revising CHRYSALIS and hopefully finish the first draft of MERCY AND JUSTICE this year. My plays have been keeping me very busy though, so I am struggling to reach my two hour goal.

On the play front I am submitting RIFTON DINER and LOVE LABORS HAPPILY EVER AFTER to play contests. My theatre group will be performing LOVE LABORS HAPPILY EVER AFTER in June with rehearsals starting this Thursday. This past weekend was filled with last minute revision scrambles. I’ll be interested to see what changes happen through the rehearsal process. I am also pursing the possibility of a workshop production of RIFTON DINER in the fall which I am very excited about.

On the novel front I’ve gotten half way through MERCY AND JUSTICE. I’m over 50,000 words in and ready to switch from Marian’s perspective to Robin’s perspective. I am taking a break on the writing of this novel to go back to CHRYSALIS, but am taking a chapter at a time to my writing group for feedback.  So far I have really enjoyed working on the story. I love the legend of Robin Hood, and it is such a privilege to make those characters and stories mine. One frustration with it is that Marian is rather more melodramatic than I would like her to be…we’ll see if I can tame that down in the revision, but I fear she may be stubborn and refuse to lose her flowery way of thinking and viewing her world.

In some ways I feel like I am back to the drawing board with CHRYSALIS. I am using K.M Weiland’s “How to Structure Your Novel” workbook to help me think through what needs to be revised. Often when I work on it, it is discouraging because I fear that the book is in such a bad state that I need to re-write the whole thing and that it isn’t worth the trouble. But I remind myself that that is being melodramatic (Marian comes by it honestly). I am determined to push through, no matter how long it takes!

One exciting piece of writing news is that one of my play adaptations, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, got accepted for publication. I should have more news about that soon. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I’ll have positive news about the play competitions I am submitting to as well!

That’s my writing update. It is keeping my life full. Between writing lesson plans, plays, and novels, I am typing my life away. But what a life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, except getting published. That would be nice.





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