#WIPJoy March

During March the fabulous Bethany Jennings ran a twitter party called #WIPJoy. She created a question for us to answer about our current work-in-progress each day. It was a blast answering the questions and getting to know more about other novels. Here is the compilation of all of my answers.


Page 2. For the Chrysalis project. India Ink. 2016


1. Details about the WIP: Chrysalis is a NA SFF novel that follows Joyel, a woman who is kidnapped as a child and trained to kill her family.

2. How long have I been working on it? Where am I at ? I put pen to paper in ’13. The MS is complete but needs revisions. I’m using a structure workbook to figure out what to change.

3. Mood and Atmosphere in 5 words: Dark. Brutal. Hopeful. Cutting-edge. Medieval.

4. You might enjoy my book, CHRYSALIS, if you like psychological drama, soft science fiction, and complicated ethics.

5. Name a song that reminds you of your book: Thrice’s “The Alchemy Index” all volumes

6. Glimpse into the Protagonist. “I’m a bloody woman, Rubaan, and I hate myself. I just want to be free.”
7. When is my MC maddening to me? When she is so darn stubborn she keeps pushing everyone away from her.
8. The thing I love the most about Joy are her fierce warrior skills and her toughness.
9. Share a line about the antagonist: Anson smiled and wiped the blood off his blade onto her unscathed cheek. “How are you going to stop me, Joy?”
10. Could I be friends with my antagonist? Not unless he brainwashed me. Anson is cruel, so very cruel.
11. What makes my antagonist formidable? His determination and access to tech in a world that banned technology.
12. What puts Anson and Joy at odds? Anson kidnapped Joy and tried to brainwash her to kill her family. She never completely crumbles and she hates him
13. What fears do your characters overcome? Joy feels being healed from the trauma. Rubaan fears Joy will kill herself. They both fear that Anson will win.
14. A Cliffhanger: She plunged. He fired. Both yelled.
15. What scares me the most about writing CHRYSALIS is never finding an agent and having to go the indy route
16 What scares me most about sharing CHRYSALIS? It’s so very dark. It will offend some and worry others.
17. A line about fear: Joy squared off with her grandmother, stance confident so none of her fear would be detected. #Chrysalis

18. A way I wish I was like my characters: Hummingbird fights the dark and sad with cheerfulness, forcing beauty into those situations. I wish I did that.

19. How has writing this made me braver? Writing this book has made me brave by making me more vulnerable with people and pushing me to reach out to others

20. A line about a cool setting: Eraantis or the Arboretum? Eraantis was smooth, manufactured, and bright. The Arboretum was rough, hewn, and dim.

21. A line that makes me smile. “Good old Gaabiel gleefully found Gilbon. I love alliterations, don’t you?”

22. A line (or several) that make you feel the pain:

WIPJoy 22

23. An intense line (or several) (and yes, I cheated a used a line twice):


24. A line (again several) about love:


25. A line (last time for several lines) that amuses me:

26. A line that wrings my heart: “I don’t want be healed. Don’t stop me. I don’t want to be healed. Can’t you understand that?”
27. What kind of relationship is at the heart of CHRYSALIS? Daughter-father relationships. Multiple, really complicated ones.
28. If I could enter the world of CHRYSALIS I’d probably go to the Butterfly Sanctuary or…to Beauty.
29. How do I feel about CHRYSALIS right now? Somewhere between discouraged and determined to finish it no matter what.
30. Has writing it made me cry? Oh yes. I’ve cried over re-writes and seeming dead-ends and over my character’s pain.
31. What makes me proudest about my WIP? Probably my stubborn refusal to give up.

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