Construction Complete

Back in May I wrote a blog post and asked this question, along with a few others:

How do I figure out what I should focus most on in building the platform, especially blog posts? For instance, on my personal site, I waffle back and forth between writing about personal struggles, to writing, to art, to whatever I feel like.

These questions came about from listening to a web series of Michael Hyatt’s about platform building. I had a very busy couple of months ahead of me and was struggling to think of what exactly to blog about, so I took a pause, only reblogging one more post in May before I stopped entirely.

At first my thought process went something like this:

I don’t have any area of expertise or a platform of value that I can offer people, so what is the point of blogging? 

But I’m supposed to be building a platform of some kind as a writer, artist, and leader (all things I hope that I am in some way and to become more so in a greater way as I grow).

But there’s no point in blogging for just the sake of trying to gain followers. 

So I have to have something to contribute to society to build a platform.

But I have nothing to offer.

Eventually, I realized that was not true. Each and every person has value, and while that may not be expressed through a blog, or be successfully implemented through a blog, I knew that I, a woman made in the image of God, had to have an area of interest that I could focus my blog around that would serve a following.

I pondered it. I prayed about it. Finally, I realized that the answer had been sitting on my desk all this time. A well-beloved child’s book gave me the shape I needed to revamp my blog:

Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus.

That book helped me get through the difficulties of feeling stupid, awkward, ungifted, worthless, and a failure as a young girl. Learning how to read, write, do math, (really do anything), was an emotionally exhausting trial, mostly because I felt like I never succeeded.

Leo the Late Bloomer gave me hope as I would read, day after day, about Leo the Tiger who couldn’t talk, write, draw, etc. like all his friends. His Tiger Dad worried about him, but his Tiger Mom kept promising that one day Leo would bloom.

And he did.

That little book gave me hope as I fought through learning penmanship (we never got around to trying cursive. It was enough to get me to write my ‘Bs’, ‘Ps’, and ‘Ds’ correctly) and memorizing the ways letters sounded in each word (since I was never able to understand phonetics).

cropped-20160711_1646002.jpgThat hope is the same hope I hope (the more hope the better!) to offer to whatever readers and followers come my way. That blooming, or success, or growth, or joy, or competency, or whatever the idea of blooming means to you, is possible, that it’s never to late to change, or improve, or “make it”.

I am really quite excited about this idea. I think many of my posts will revolve around similar content as before (writing, drawing, faith, etc.). Most of these topics are apart of Leo’s journey in blooming just like they are apart of my own journey. But having a framework of how to talk about these areas, and how I can hopefully encourage others, will be a new approach to creating and managing the content.

Will the switch make this attempt at creating a platform more “successful”? Who knows? No one until I try. In the meantime, I am learning, and if in a year or so I realize my value, the things I can offer the world, is not best communicated through blogging, or perhaps the blog needs to be reworked again, the time will not have been lost. It will just be apart of the process of blooming.













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