Black Friday shopping is dangerous: crazy drivers, crazy shoppers, but also crazy deals.

This past Friday was my second venture into the fray. My list was short: a pair of gloves and one colored pencil. This plan for derailed when I realized Dick Blick was selling a set of colored pencils I had been wanting for years at less than a third of the original price.

Impluse buying is typically frowned upon. That’s what I told myself. But I made the decision to calculate the price per pencil. 

Then I called my husband. 

I didn’t want to blindly throw away a large sum of money. So I asked his opinion. I presented the cost benefit and also the fact that I would be needing to buy several of these pencils in the near future for my next illustration project.

Being the great guy he is, he fully supported me in whatever decision I thiught made the best financial and artistic sense.

I wandered around the store for a while debating. 

For us, it was a lot of money. For the pencils, it was dirt cheap. I would need many of them for my next illustration project if I did it in full color. But I might just do it in monotone since I’m not that good anyway. 

These kind of thoughts went back and forth for several minutes. Finally, I decided to make an investment, not in colored pencils, but in myself.

Seizing the Black Friday deal was more than a purchase; it was a commitment. I made a commitment to myself to push past my perceived limitations, a commitment to develop a stronger technique, a commitment to believe that my growth as an artist, and a person, is worth the investment of money, time, and tears.

I know figuring out how to work in color may be frustrating, but I am committed to conquering that medium. 

Thanks to Black Friday, I have 150 pencils to reminded me of that commitment.

Sometimes you need to be willing to invest in your own growth. What’s a way you can invest in yourself this week?


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