New Moment’s Resolution


I don’t know if this is a result of my OCD tendencies, but I have a habit of thinking that change can only be brought about with a new beginning. Beginning here meaning the start of a new week.

My Mondays determine how the next couple days will go. How I do on Wednesday and Thursday determine how I do for the weekend. Unlike Anne of Green Gables who optimistically saw each day as the opportunity for a fresh start, I struggle with believing that if I blow my Tuesday, I might as well continue blowing my week because I can’t restart until Monday.

This is a pattern I’ve been trying to break. Instead of feeling trapped by a bad week, I’m trying to rectify mistakes and build positive habits each day, regardless of how the previous day went.

As I was thinking about New Years and the tradition to make resolutions, I thought again about being at another beginning, the biggest beginnings of the year, and all the energy and enthusiasm that can drive the desire to change.

For most of us, that drive fizzles out after a few months, and if you are like me, we feel defeated and give up completely.

That’s why I only have one resolution for this year: to remember that each moment is a new beginning and that I can always try again. I don’t have to wait till the next Monday, or next year to chase my dreams or improve myself.

This goes for breaking my social media addiction to being committed to drawing and writing every day. Each moment I can choose to do what’s best for me, be it take a break, go for a walk, take a nap, or do work.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. (At least, I haven’t found it to be so.) Once I make a misstep, spending too much time on Facebook for instance, it’s very hard for me not to get sucked down into the dumps and feel that my whole day (and really my whole week) is wasted and that there is no point in correcting my behavior until the next Monday.

As a Christian, I am working on believing that His grace is sufficient, that there is grace for each moment. But regardless of whether you hold to a particular faith or not, I believe that each second of our lives is an opportunity for change and growth.

I have found that the times I remember that not only is each day a new day with no mistakes in it yet but that each new moment is a moment with no mistakes in yet, I am better able to change guilt and despondency into action.

So that’s my resolution: to allow myself to make new resolutions each moment as needed.

What are yours?

Happy New Years everyone! May you have great success on your goals for 2017!





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