The Danger of Pressure

20170205_12075122This is my first blog post written in a hospital. Last week, I wrote about my slow processing of learning that there is a lot of value to taking things slow and easy, working in layers and steps instead of pushing to get to the final product all at once.

That idea is being reinforced with hospitalization.

Last Wednesday I got to take a boxing class. For those of you who know about my quest to find appropriate expressions for competitive aggression, my desire to take up boxing will not surprise you. It was glorious. The instructor was very intense, pushing us all with an extreme workout that lasted an hour, with me nearly throwing up at the end, and leaving me with extremely numb arms.

I was the only girl there that day, and even though I had determined before the class started that I was not going to try to prove myself–after all, I was there to learn, not impress–I still gave my all.

Several days later, both of my arms are swollen, my right one very much so. Saturday night I finally went to the ER for what I assumed would be a quick visit to confirm that everything was okay and maybe the dispensing of some muscle relaxants.

I laughed when they told me I had to get admitted to the hospital. The overuse caused some kind of toxins to rise in my blood and they wanted to keep me overnight for observation while they flushed my system.

The ER doctor asked me if I was “hardcore”. I answered, of course, yes.

I didn’t realize it during the boxing class, although maybe the numbness in my arms should have given me a clue, but I was putting too much pressure on my body. I was working too hard, not giving my muscles time to adjust to a kind of workout that it wasn’t used to.

And that’s the danger of pressure. When you want to be Superwoman, it can be easy to push through or push harder and not realize when we need to lighten up or to just be patient with ourselves!

So here I am, in the hospital, on night two of trying to clean out my system. I’m thankful that God designed our bodies to have warning signs for problems and for the good and kind care. Now, I’m hoping that I will remember that too much pressure can be a bad thing, in drawing, in exercise, in everything.

My Mom tells me my motto needs to be: Be Kind to Yourself!

So to me and to you who are reading, let’s try to be kind to ourselves and ease up the pressure so we can avoid its dangers!




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